Hi, i'm linzi

realtor + social media coach

I'm a social media obsessed Realtor who believes your big goals & your big dreams are 100% possible.

I'd love to tell you my start was glamorous, or that when I was growing up I would tell people I wanted to sell homes when I was older.. but that would be a blatant lie.

The truth is I got into real estate when I desperately needed to make something for myself, and all of my other career avenues turned out to be dead end streets.

It's not that I wasn't any good at anything, I just have MAJOR commitment issues to anything that is 'average'.

P I C T U R E  T H I S . . .

22 years old, pregnant, no career, driving a hoopty (HA), living at my moms house, sharing a room with my sister (& soon my newborn), in my hometown I swore I'd never move back to. 

This part of my life is mortifying, but the reason I share it is because it's a huge part of my life & who I am today.

At the time, I didn't know sh*t from Shinola about selling real estate. All I knew is I wanted to help people, and I needed to find a way to make money FAST because bunking up with your sister & your baby in your childhood bedroom isn't exactly great on your mental health.. 

I knew I needed to change who I was inside me in order to change what I had around me. 

When I started my career in Real Estate I was no where near the person you see me as today.

my first year 
in Real Estate

I sold 21 homes

with a baby on my hip, full custody of him, working 3 jobs total, desperate to get out of the situation I had gotten myself into. 

& while I had a great first year, I couldn't help but feel like the MATH WASN'T MATHIN'...

I was the one paying for sitters, paying for gas, putting miles on my cars, working evenings & weekends, showing up & making a connection with clients... & I was cutting a huge chunk to my broker who wasn't helping me build MY OWN brand. 

this could not go on for long. I already felt like a hamster on the wheel in the 2nd year of my career

& I had my 'coming
to Jesus' moment

I wasn't building MY personal brand.. I was building someone else's.

when looking around my office, no one was really 'sellin' me' the lifestyle I wanted for my son & I...

I wanted to learn more about using social media to prospect as an agent, but no one around me valued the same thing.

collaboration was almost impossible when every other agent at my office was my direct competition. 

That's when it
clicked for me..





so i decided to build a real estate community where i could add value to other women's businesses & ultimately their lives. One where I could help them build generational weath - absolutely free.

I'm obsessed with 

are what get me by

my guilty pleasure 

 100% necessary

health & exercise

mom friends

reality tv

wine nights

i'm All about

A no 'B.S.' approach, bringing real value to the table, being in the sunshine, multiple streams of income, & moms coming together to build businesses


Hustle culture, long emails, reading instructions, a 'one-size fits all' approach, get rich quick, giving up my life for my work. 

agree? we're probably a great fit.

Build your dreams - or someone else will hire you to build theirs

Ready to level up your life, your business, & the way you show up online?

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